PB Presort


PB Presort provides presort services for flats and letters. Presort labels are post-paid labels. No postage is charged at the time of print.

Onboard a Merchant for PB Presort

A merchant must be enrolled with a PB Presort facility to use the service. To enroll a merchant, contact your Pitney Bowes account representative. Pitney Bowes will provide the following information for the merchant:

Mailer ID The Mailer ID (MID) identifies the merchant as validated for PB Presort. When creating a label, specify the MID value in the X-PB-Integrator-CarrierId header.
Job number

This identifies the agreement between the merchant and PB Presort for a committed volume of parcels and specific class of service at an agreed-upon rate. A merchant can be assigned multiple job numbers.

When creating a label, specify the job number in the X-PB-ShipmentGroupId header.

Date and time of pickup PB Presort schedules a regular time for pick up parcels.
Rate charts Use the rate charts instead of the API to rate shipments. Do not use the Rates API to request a rate for a PB Presort shipment. That results in an error.

Shipping Operations

Operation Method Endpoint

Create PB Presort Label



Reprint Label



Retry Label



Create a PB Presort Pickup Slip