PB Presort


PB Presort provides presort services for domestic shipment of flats and letters. Presort labels are post-paid labels. No postage is charged at the time of print.

Onboard a Merchant to use PB Presort

A merchant must be enrolled with a PB Presort facility to use the service. To enroll a merchant, contact your Pitney Bowes account representative. Pitney Bowes will provide the following information for the merchant:

Mailer ID The Mailer ID (MID) identifies the merchant as validated for PB Presort. When creating a label, specify the MID value in the X-PB-Integrator-CarrierId header.
Job number

This identifies the agreement between the merchant and PB Presort for a committed volume of parcels and specific class of service at an agreed-upon rate. A merchant can be assigned multiple job numbers.

When creating a label, specify the job number in the X-PB-ShipmentGroupId header.

Date and time of pickup PB Presort schedules a regular time for pick up parcels.
Rate charts Use the rate charts instead of the API to rate shipments. Do not use the Rates API to request a rate for a PB Presort shipment.

Shipping Operations

Note: To rate a PB Presort shipment, use the rate charts. Do not use the Rates API.
Operation Method Endpoint

Create PB Presort Label



Reprint Label



Retry Label



Create a PB Presort Pickup Slip




The following are the supported services for PB Presort.

ID Service
BPM Bound Printed Matter
STANDARD Standard Mail

Special Service

The following special service is supported for PB Presort.

Important: Do not include a special service unless you intend to apply it.

ID Special Service Services Supporting the Special Service Input Parameter
DelCon Delivery Confirmation STANDARD

Input parameters are not required for DelCon. To use DelCon, add the following to the rates.specialServices array:

{ "specialServiceId": "DelCon" }

Parcel Types

The following are the supported parcel types for PB Presort.

ID Parcel Type Services Supporting the Parcel Type
LGENV Large Envelope/Flat. BPM, STANDARD
PKG Package BPM

Label Sizes and Formats

Please read the following considerations before printing a PB Presort label:

  • The label size, as specified in the documents.size field, uses an upper-case X. Using a lower-case x will result in an error.
  • If you choose to retrieve the label through a URL, the URL is available for 24 hours after the shipment is created.
  • By default, the APIs print ZPL2 labels using the Unicode character set. If you have an older printer that does not support Unicode, see this Troubleshooting topic.
  • Advise shippers on correct label placement. Please see What is the correct placement for a shipping label?
Label Size File Format Content Type

ZPL2 [1]


ZPL2 [1]

[1](1, 2) By default, the APIs print ZPL2 labels using the Unicode character set.
If you have an older printer that does not support Unicode, see
this troubleshooting topic.

Example documents array, as sent in the request:

"documents": [ {
    "type": "SHIPPING_LABEL",
    "size": "DOC_6X4",
    "fileFormat": "PDF",
    "contentType": "URL",
    "printDialogOption": "NO_PRINT_DIALOG"
} ]

Example documents array, as returned in the response:

"documents": [ {
    "type": "SHIPPING_LABEL",
    "size": "DOC_6X4",
    "fileFormat": "PDF",
    "contentType": "URL",
    "contents": "http://.../781dfacdfb9f40fe9d4a6cc419c7b589.pdf"
} ]