Merchant Enrollment


To print labels for your shippers, you must add them as merchants under your developer account. When you add a merchant, the merchant receives a unique Shipper ID that identifies the merchant during transaction requests.

The PB Shipping APIs support two models for handling a merchant’s postage payments. Depending on the payment model you choose, either a merchant pays for postage directly by setting up an individual PB Postage Account directly with Pitney Bowes, or you pay postage on behalf of the merchant by setting up a Bulk Postage Account with Pitney Bowes and billing the merchant separately.

If you choose to have your merchants pay postage directly via their own individual PB Postage Accounts, you can either integrate the setup of individual postage accounts directly into your application or you can navigate your merchants to a Merchant Portal signup page where they sign up for their individual postage accounts.

Merchant Enrollment Models

The PB Shipping APIs provide three ways to add merchants to your developer account:

Payment & Signup Models API Description
Individual Postage Account,
Signup from within your application
Merchant Signup

Merchants sign up for individual PB Postage Accounts from inside your application. The Merchant Signup API provides operations to securely handle a merchant’s payment details and to create the merchant account.

To implement this approach, see the Merchant Signup Tutorial.

Individual Postage Account,
Signup through Merchant Portal
Authorize a Merchant

Merchants sign up for individual PB Postage Accounts through a Merchant Portal signup page specific to your developer account. Merchant Portal handles each merchant’s payment details and creates the merchant account.

To implement this approach do the following, as described in Authorize a Merchant who Signed up via Merchant Portal:

  1. Direct merchants to the custom signup URL.
  2. Once a merchant signs up, retrieve the merchant’s Shipper ID.
Bulk Postage Account
Register a Merchant

You manage postage funds on behalf of all your merchants through a PB Bulk Postage Account. To provide a merchant with a PB Shipper ID, you register the merchant with Pitney Bowes using the Register a Merchant API.

To set up a Bulk Postage Account, please contact the Shipping APIs Support Team at

Shipper ID

Every merchant added to your developer account receives a unique Shipper ID. You use the Shipper ID to identify a merchant when requesting transactions.

You can retrieve a merchant’s Shipper ID using the Get All Merchants API. A merchant’s Shipper ID is the value found in the postalReportingNumber field of the returned merchant object.

Payment Methods

Pitney Bowes offers the following payment methods for PB Postage Accounts. A given postage account can be funded by only one payment method:

Merchant Subscription Fee

Pitney Bowes has the option to charge a subscription fee to merchants who have their own PB Postage Accounts, which is the case for merchants onboarded through one of the Individual Postage Account enrollment models. For more information, please contact

Merchant Portal

Merchants who sign up for their own individual PB Postage Accounts have access to their accounts through the Merchant Portal. Pitney Bowes provides separate Merchant Portals for the sandbox and production environments:

Environment Merchant Portal Link

API Operations

For the list of merchants API operations, see Merchants.


See the Merchants FAQs.