Environments FAQs

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What are the differences between sandbox and production?

The sandbox environment is a replica of the production environment. The labels produced are identical to production labels, except:

  • The label indicia are marked VOID so they cannot be used for shipping.
  • The parcel tracking numbers are fake and cannot be used for tracking. To test tracking in the sandbox, use a production label.
  • No information about parcels is sent to the carriers.
  • Charges for parcels in the sandbox are fictitious.
  • The shipping charges in the sandbox may not accurately reflect the production shipping charges.
  • The environments use different base URLs. See API Environments.
  • The environments have different Merchant Portals.

How do I upgrade to production?

To upgrade to a production account, contact Pitney Bowes Support at ShippingAPISupport@pb.com.

Can I use Shipper IDs from sandbox in production? And vice versa?

No, a Shipper ID from one environment cannot be used in the other. The two environments have distinct sets of shippers.

The shippers in the production environment use real money, and their Shipper IDs identify the PB Postage Accounts from which postage is deducted to print their shipment labels.

Before I go live on production, must each of my shippers send PB a label?

Only the developer needs to send a label. If you are the developer, you must send several production-grade digital samples before you go live. There is no need for each merchant to send copies prior to launch.

Can I get a no-charge production account so I don’t have to pay to test in production?

Not at this time.