Manifests FAQs

Can I exclude shipments from appearing in a manifest?

Yes, you can exclude a shipment from appearing in a manifest by setting ADD_TO_MANIFEST to false when creating the shipment.

Note: The ADD_TO_MANIFEST option is always considered true for PMOD labels. PMOD requires packages be added to PS Form 3152 using the POST manifests API. If you set the option to false, the PB Complete Shipping APIs still consider the option to be true.

Can I remove shipments from a manifest after creating the manifest?

No, once you have created a manifest, you cannot remove tracking numbers from that manifest. You can, however, submit the package for a refund.

How long is a manifest URL available?

The URL is available as long as there is space in the server, which is roughly about 15 days. However, the GET /manifests/{manifestId} API call returns a valid response only until 24 hours after the first print.