PB Parcel Protection

What is PB Parcel Protection?

PB Parcel Protection insures USPS® domestic shipments against damage or loss while in transit. PB Parcel Protection insures parcels up to $10,000 in value.

Note: Scan-based Returns are not covered by PB Parcel Protection.

How do I enable a merchant for Parcel Protection?

To enable a merchant for PB Parcel Protection, contact your PB sales representative or contact ShippingAPIBusinessDevelopment@pb.com.

How does a merchant insure a parcel through Parcel Protection?

When a merchant participating in the PB Parcel Protection program provides a value for parcel.valueOfGoods in the Create Shipment request, the Shipping APIs system generates an insurance policy for the shipment.

Important: Providing a value in parcel.valueOfGoods shows intent to purchase PB Parcel Protection for the shipment. This applies only if you are enrolled in the PB Parcel Protection program.

The following is an example Create Shipment request that insures a parcel through PB Parcel Protection and values the parcel at 101.56 USD:

curl -X POST .../v1/shipments?includeDeliveryCommitment=true
-H "Authorization: Bearer l8wHkQKaBjC5VEaYldQnFXnzoqNj"
-H "Content-Type: application/json"
-H "X-PB-TransactionId: 76e4498e-85fe-43a1-b6d0"
-d '
    "fromAddress": { ... },
    "toAddress": { ... },
    "parcel": {
        "weight": {
            "unitOfMeasurement": "OZ",
            "weight": 8
        "dimension": {
            "unitOfMeasurement": "IN",
            "length": 6.0,
            "width": 1.0,
            "height": 4.0
        "valueOfGoods" : 101.56,
        "currencyCode" : "USD"
    "rates": [ ... ],
    "documents": [ ... ],
    "shipmentOptions": [ ... ]

How do merchants view transactions selected for Parcel Protection?

Merchants can view the transactions selected for PB Parcel Protection by viewing their Transactions on Merchant Portal.

How are merchants billed?

Pitney Bowes bills merchants monthly for the transactions selected for PB Parcel Protection in the previous month. Pitney Bowes automatically charges a merchant using the merchant’s existing payment method.

How does a merchant file a claim?

If a merchant incurs loss or damage to a parcel during transit, the merchant can file a claim with Sedgwick, a third party claim administrator, at this link:


Claims are adjudicated in 3 working days or fewer.