PB Parcel Protection FAQs

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What is PB Parcel Protection?

PB Parcel Protection covers shipments against damage or loss while in transit. PB Parcel Protection covers parcels up to $10,000 in value. Use the Parcel Protection APIs to receive quotes and to request coverage.

Note: Scan-based Returns are not covered by PB Parcel Protection.

How do I enable a merchant for Parcel Protection?

To enable a merchant for PB Parcel Protection, contact your PB sales representative or contact ShippingAPIBusinessDevelopment@pb.com.

What kind of shipments does Parcel Protection cover?

Merchants can request PB Parcel Protection for any of the following:

  • U.S. Domestic shipments
  • International shipments (U.S. origin)
  • Shipments with all major U.S. carriers
  • Shipments printed on the Pitney Bowes Shipping APIs as well as shipments printed on other platforms

How does a merchant request Parcel Protection for a shipment?

To provide merchants the option to request PB Parcel Protection, integrate the Parcel Protection APIs into your application.

Important: A merchant must be enrolled in the Parcel Protection program to request quotes and coverages.

How does a merchant view which transactions are covered by Parcel Protection?

Merchants can view which transactions are covered by Parcel Protection by logging into Merchant Portal and viewing their transactions.

How are merchants billed?

Pitney Bowes bills merchants monthly for Parcel Protection transactions over the last month. Pitney Bowes automatically charges merchants using their existing payment methods.

How does a merchant file a claim?

If a merchant incurs loss or damage to a parcel during transit, the merchant can file a claim with Sedgwick, a third party claim administrator, at this link:


Claims are adjudicated in 3 working days or fewer.