Payments and Balances FAQs

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Do I pay in advance for shipping labels?

Yes, you pay in advance by transferring an initial balance to your PB Postage Account. As you create labels, Pitney Bowes debits your postage account.

If auto refill is enabled (which is the default), your account automatically refills when it falls below the specified minimum threshold. The account refills using your account’s payment method. For refill recommendations, see When does auto refill trigger?, below. To set up an account payment method, contact Pitney Bowes at

How do I fill my PB Postage Account with funds?

Once you set up a payment method, your PB Postage Account can receive funds in the following ways:

  • Automatically, through auto refill. Auto refill triggers when your balance falls below a pre-determined minimum threshold. You can change refill settings through the Auto Refill APIs or Merchant Portal.

    Note: If you are a merchant creating your first production shipping label, ensure your postage account has sufficient funds to cover the cost of the first label. If you have insufficient funds, you might encounter an error while automatic refill funds your account.

  • Manually, through the Refill API.

  • Manually, through the Merchant Portal.

To set up a payment method, contact Pitney Bowes at

Can I manually refill my PB Postage Account?

Yes. You can refill at any time through either the Refill API or Merchant Portal.

When does auto refill trigger?

The auto refill process enables a PB Postage Account to be replenished automatically based on pre-determined refill and threshold settings. The auto refill rule is triggered when a postage label is requested and the postage account’s balance falls below the refill threshold. The system prints the label while refilling the account. If a label is requested but the account’s balance is not enough to cover the label’s postage, the system returns an error and indicates a refill is in progress.

You should periodically check your account balance to ensure it has sufficient funds for creating shipping labels. A good practice is to set the refill threshold at one day’s worth of processing. For new accounts, ensure the account has sufficient funds to cover the cost of the first label.

You can retrieve and update refill settings through the Auto Refill APIs or Merchant Portal.

Note: The Sign Up a Merchant API call uses default settings of 400 for the refill amount and 100 for the refill threshold.

Can I get receipts for transactions and for refill requests?

No. However, you can view transactions and refill requests using the Transaction Reports API. In the return object, refill requests have the POSTAGE FUND transaction type.

See also: Can I get the transaction receipt for a label that has already been printed?

How do I retrieve my account balances?

The Get Account Balances API retrieves the current balances for the PB Postage Account and, if present, the PB Line of Credit. Pass developerId and postalReportingNumber as parameters when sending the request.

Why did my credit card stop working for purchasing postage?

Ensure that your credit card information is up-to-date with Pitney Bowes. If a problem persists, please contact the Pitney Bowes Payments Team at