Scan-Based Return Labels FAQs

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How do I set up my account to print SBR labels?

To enable USPS® Scan-Based Return (SBR) services on your account, contact Client Services Tech Support at

How do I know if an SBR label has been used?

To view an SBR label’s status, use the Transaction Reports API to retrieve the transactions that have occurred for the label. If the label has multiple transactions, the transaction with the most recent timestamp displays the current status. The transaction’s printStatus field displays the status:

  • SBRPrinted: The SBR label is printed but not yet scanned into the USPS mailstream.
  • SBRCharged: The SBR label is scanned into the USPS mailstream. Note that once an SBR label is scanned, it typically takes two days for the API to display the event. When it does, the API adds a new transaction for the label with printStatus set to SBRCharged.
  • NULL: The label is not an SBR label.

To retrieve a report that displays only SBR transactions, use the printStatus query parameter when calling the Transaction Reports API. Query for SBR (for all SBR labels), SBRPrinted, or SBRCharged.

How do I know the final cost of an SBR label?

After a label is used, the Transaction Reports API call retrieves the amount charged. The charge also appears in the shipper’s postage account.

When you print an SBR label, the proposed cost is calculated based on the specified zone, weight, and dimensions. When the label is used, USPS sends Pitney Bowes the actual zone, weight, and dimensions, which are used to calculate the actual cost.

How is the charge for an SBR label calculated?

SBR labels use standard rates. The actual charge for an SBR label is calculated based on the scan information (zone, weight, and dimensions) received from USPS. Pitney Bowes does not charge a fee beyond the postage amount of the SBR label.

Do SBR labels incur charges other than postage?

Pitney Bowes does not charge a fee beyond the postage.

Can I use a discounted rate when printing an SBR label?

No, SBR labels use standard rates (Commercial Base Price). You cannot specify a discounted rate. For more information, see the SBR considerations.

Can an SBR label use cubic pricing?

Cubic rates do not apply to SBR shipments.

How is an SBR label voided?

SBR Labels cannot be voided. If a merchant closes an account and has outstanding SBR labels that have not been charged, Pitney Bowes waits a period of time before closing the customer’s account.

How long is an SBR label valid?

An SBR label is valid for 90 days after it is printed.