Provide a Signup URL


A signup URL directs a new merchant to your signup page on Merchant Portal. The merchant uses the URL to sign up for a merchant account that’s attached to your developer account. The signup URL you provide includes your developer ID and can include other custom information specific to the new merchant’s account. You provide signup URLs if you use the Individual Postage Account enrollment model, as described in the Merchant Enrollment Models table on the Merchant Accounts page.

Once the merchant signs up through the URL, you retrieve the merchant’s account information, including Shipper ID, by issuing the Merchant Authorization API.

Signup URL

The Production and Sandbox environments use different domains for the signup URL, but they use the same directory path and query parameters. The following are the signup URLs for the two environments:

Environment Signup URL

Query Parameters

This section describes the required and optional query parameters for the signup URL:

Required Parameter for Developer ID

developerID Required. Your Pitney Bowes developer ID. To retrieve your developer ID, log into Developer Hub and click your username and select Profile.


The following example shows the signup URL with the required developerID parameter:

Optional Parameters for Referral Codes and Payment Methods

referral_code Optional. Attaches a referral code to the merchant that you can use to identify who referred the merchant to your software. The referral code can use up to 25 characters and can use alphanumeric characters, underscores (_), hyphens (-), and dots (.).

Optional. Specifies the list of payment methods the merchant can choose from to fund the PB Postage Account. By default, the merchant’s choices are credit card, PB Line of Credit, or ACH. You can optionally limit the choices by setting this parameter to one of the following:

  • PurchasePowerOnly: The merchant must use PB Line of Credit.
  • ACHOnly: The merchant must use ACH.
  • LOC_ACH: The merchant can choose either PB Line of Credit or ACH.
  • CreditCard_LOC: The merchant can choose either PB Line of Credit or credit card.
  • CreditCard_ACH: The merchant can choose either ACH or credit card.
  • CreditCardOnly: The merchant must use credit card.


The following example URL specifies a referral code of “offer123” and specifies the LOC_ACH payment method:

The following example URL specifies the ACHOnly payment method: