Tracking Events


The following tracking events can be added to a shipment through the Add Tracking Events API.

Tracking Events and Event Codes

Event Code
Arrival at Shipping partner facility in destination country ASO
Arrived at the Global Shipping Center DEP
Awaiting Pickup ARP
Awaiting Pickup AWP
Awaiting Pickup - Note Left AWN
Container Assignment COA
Container Closed COC
Container Docked COD
Country of Destination Scan CDS
<Current Citipost Location> INT
Custom description generated by the Tracking Domain CAR
Customs Cleared CUC
Customs Cleared RTC
Customs Documentation and Labeling DOC
Customs Receipt CUR
Customs Receipt RTR
Data Exchange Confirmation DEC
Delay - Resolved DYR
Delay Buyer Import Limit Exceeded Import Hold DIH
Delay Resolved at Return’s Hub RDR
Delay at Return’s Hub RDY
Delay at the Global Shipping Center DYH
Delay in Custom Clearance DCC
Delivered DLD
Delivered - Parcel Picked Up by Consignee DLC
Delivered to in country Carrier Site DLF
Delivery Attempt DAT
Delivery Attempt - Note Left/Scheduled DAN
Departed from shipping partner facility LPF
Dropped off at Carrier DC
Dropped off at PB facility DPB
Exception XOL
Exception - Customs Receipt EXR
Exception - Customs Restrictions EXC
Exception - Delivered XOD
Exception - Destroy EXX
Exception - Destroy XOX
Exception - Future Event Date XOF
Exception - Hub Consolidation EXH
Exception - Line Haul EXL
Exception - Partial Return to Sender XOP
Exception - Rejected by Customs ERC
Exception - Return In Transit EXT
Exception - Return Initiated EXI
Exception - Return to Sender XOR
Exception - Shipped to Retailer EXS
Exception Delay EXD
Exception Initiated XXX
Final Destination Hub FDH
First Dimension Event DM1
Flight arrived in destination country FAC
Forward Parcel Leaves Foreign Hub FDX
Handed over to Destination Carrier International vendor DLW
Held for Inspection HFI
In Transit ITP
In Transit TRA
In Transit Destination Country FDR
In Transit Origin Country LHO
In Transit to Return’s Hub RIH
In Transit with Destination Carrier ITD
In Transit with Destination Carrier TRD
In transit - Exception DYU
In transit to PB TRP
Information Event INF
Label created LC
Master Carton Disassembled MCD
Master Carton Received MCR
Miscellaneous Event MSC
Out for Delivery OFD
Out for Delivery to the Global Shipping Center ODP
POD Parcel – Paid POD
Parcel - Destroyed ROX
Parcel - Liquidated ROL
Parcel Dispatched in Hub PDH
Parcel Shipped from Return’s Hub RSH
Picked up from Customs Broker PCB
Processing Parcel scan event PPE
Processing at Shipping Center RE2
Processing at the Global Shipping Center REP
Rebox Event BOX
Received at Domestic Hub RDH
Received at Return’s Hub RRH
Released from Inspection RFI
Request Import Customs Clearance RCC
Retail Exception Return ETR
Return - In Transit RTT
Return - Shipped to Retailer RTS
Return Added to Container RAC
Return Delivered RTD
Return Documentation and Labeling DDL
Return Initiated RTI
Return Line Hauling RLH
Return Parcel - Delay in Transit DRE
Return Parcel Modified DYT
Return Parcel Modified RPU
Return Parcel Processed RPP
Return Parcel Split RPS
Return Processed at International Hub RTH
Return Registered RRO
Return Removed from Container RRC
Return Shipement Confirmation RSC
Return to Sender - Out for Delivery ORD
Returned Parcel - Attempted Delivery DRR
Returned Parcel Delivered DLR
Returned Parcel In Transit to Sender ITR
Returned Parcel Picked Up by Sender DRC
Returned Parcel Shipped DRS
Returns Undeliverable RUD
Second Dimension Event DM2
Shipment delayed SDL
Shipment in transit to carrier TRC
Shipment was split SPF
Shipped from the Global Shipping Center to International Destination SPH
Split Parcel Event for Exception Parcel SPE
Tracking Details Uploaded PSR
Unable to Deliver UDL
Unknown event UNK
Verified RVL
Verified at Domestic Hub RVH