Cancel a Pickup

HTTP Request

POST /v1/pickups/{pickupId}/cancel


This API call allows a merchant to cancel a previously scheduled package pickup.


The cancellation must be submitted before 3:00 AM EST on the day the pickup is scheduled.

Request URLs


Path Parameters

Name Description
pickupId Required. The value of the pickupId, as returned by the Schedule Pickup API call.

Request Headers

Authorization Required. OAuth token generated using the Generate an OAuth Token API.
Content-Type Required. The media type of the request entity. Set this to application/json.
Accept-Language Language and country code. Default: en-US

Required. A unique identifier for the transaction, up to 25 characters.

Important: You must ensure this is a unique id.

X-PB-UnifiedErrorStructure Recommended. Set this to true to use the standard error object if an error occurs.

Request Body

Pass an empty object as the request body.

Response Element

Name Data Type Description
status String The cancellation has succeeded if this returns the following value: Success

Sample Request

curl -X POST .../v1/pickups/USPSS10L6F5Y08XE/cancel \
-H "Authorization: Bearer <oauth_token>" \
-H "Content-Type: application/json" \
-H "X-PB-TransactionId: <unique_transaction_id>" \
-H "X-PB-UnifiedErrorStructure: true" \
-d '
{ }'

Sample Response

    "status": "Success"

Error Codes

For a list of all PB Shipping APIs error codes, see Error Codes.