PB Standard Returns FAQs

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Note: These FAQS pertain to PB Standard Returns. For PB Standard Delivery, see PB Standard Delivery FAQs.

Must a merchant be enabled before printing PB Standard Returns labels?

Yes. The merchant must first onboard with PB Standard and be enrolled with a PB Standard facility and receive a set of PB Standard IDs.

What label types are supported?

The PB Standard Returns API provides the option to create either a label or a QR code. A QR code allows a buyer without a printer to print the label at a Post Office or other shipping facility. To provide a buyer with nearby facilities that print labels, issue the Carrier Facility API.

A buyer with a printer can also print the label by entering the QR code’s Label ID at the USPS Label Broker™ website: https://tools.usps.com/label-broker.htm

What label sizes are supported?

The API supports the label sizes listed in this table.

If I create a QR code, can I view the corresponding label?

Yes. You can enter the QR code’s Label ID at the USPS Label Broker™ website:


Can a merchant add a logo to the return label?

Yes. A merchant’s account can be configured to print custom logos on PB Standard Returns labels. To set up custom logos, merchants should contact their Pitney Bowes implementation teams.

Once a merchant is configured to print a custom logo, the logo is printed on each PB Standard Returns label by default. To leave the logo off a given label, set the X-PB-Use-Merchant-Logo to false when creating the label through the PB Standard Returns API.

Can a merchant add a barcode to the return label?

Yes. Merchants can set up custom barcodes and other customizations, such as applying business rules, by contacting their PB implementation teams.

When a merchant has set up a customization, use documents.customerData.labelDetails array in the PB Standard Returns API to implement the custom function.

Must merchants provide Return IDs?

Yes, when invoking the PB Standard Returns API, you must include the merchant’s return ID in the RETURN_ID option in the shipmentOptions array. When testing in the Sandbox environment, set this to 123456789a.

Do merchants need to close out PB Standard Returns labels?

No. Merchants do not close out (i.e., manifest) PB Standard Returns labels.

How do merchants track PB Standard Returns labels?

Each returns label contains a USPS-compliant barcode and can be tracked via the Track a Package API. Each label also contains a PB Standard Returns barcode.