Parcel Protection


The Parcel Protection APIs allow a merchant to request a Pitney Bowes Parcel Protection quote and to request coverage for a shipment, including a shipment created outside the PB Shipping APIs. Merchants can request quotes for shipments with all major U.S. carriers. and for both domestic (U.S.) and international shipments. International shipments must originate within the U.S.

Merchants view which transactions are selected for PB Parcel Protection by viewing their transactions on Merchant Portal. For covered shipments, Pitney Bowes bills merchants automatically on the date of the regular billing cycle. Pitney Bowes uses the payment method on file. Parcel Protection charges are not debited from PB Postage Accounts.

Onboard a Merchant for Parcel Protection

To use PB Parcel Protection, a merchant must be:

API Operations

Method Endpoint

Request a Parcel Protection Quote



Request Parcel Protection Coverage