Parcel Protection


PB Parcel Protection covers parcels against damage or loss while in transit up to $10,000 in value. A merchant can add parcel protection any time prior to shipment. Merchants can request Parcel Protection for:

  • Shipment labels printed on any platform, including both the PB Shipping APIs and other platforms.
  • Shipments by any major U.S. carrier.
  • Both domestic and international shipments. Shipments must originate within the U.S.

Enabling Parcel Protection Coverage

To provide merchants the option to request Parcel Protection coverage:

  1. Contact Pitney Bowes to set up your developer account to offer Parcel Protection coverage.

  2. Integrate the Parcel Protection APIs into your application. The APIs allow merchants to get quotes, request coverage, void coverage, and retrieve reports.

  3. Enroll each merchant who will use Parcel Protection. To enroll a merchant, contact your PB Sales Representative or send an email to PB Sales at

    Once enrolled, merchants can view their Parcel Protection transactions through the Merchant Portal.

How Merchants are Billed

Pitney Bowes bills for Parcel Protection purchases monthly on the date of the merchant’s regular billing cycle. Pitney Bowes automatically charges for the purchases using the merchant’s stored payment method. Pitney Bowes does not debit Parcel Protection charges directly from the merchant’s PB Postage Accounts.

How Merchants File Claims

If a merchant incurs loss or damage to a parcel during transit, the merchant can file a claim with Shipsurance at the following link:

Shipsurance is the third-party claim administrator for Parcel Protection coverage. Once the merchant provides all the necessary claim documents, the claim is adjudicated within 3 working days. For additional information on claims, see the PB Parcel Protection web page.

How Claims are Paid

The merchant chooses the payment method when filing the claim. Choices include mailed check, emailed check, and PayPal.

API Operations

Method Endpoint

Request a Parcel Protection Quote



Request Parcel Protection Coverage



Void Parcel Protection Coverage



Parcel Protection Reports



Additional Information and FAQs

For more information on the Parcel Protection program, including FAQs, please see the PB Parcel Protection web page.