Expedited Returns FAQs

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How do I set up my account to print Expedited Return labels?

No special activation is required. However, if you currently are activated for Scan-Based Return labels, you cannot use Expedited Return labels. To change your setup, contact Client Services Tech Support at ClientServicesTechSupport@pb.com or +1(844) 470-6626.

Can I use discounted rates when printing an Expedited Return label?

Yes. You can specify a shipper’s discounted rates in the X-PB-Shipper-Rate-Plan header or specify an NSA in the X-PB-Integrator-CarrierId header.

How do I know if an Expedited Return label has been used?

To view an Expedited Return label’s status, use the Transaction Reports API to retrieve the transactions that have occurred for the label. If the label has multiple transactions, the transaction with the most recent timestamp displays the current status. The transaction’s status field displays the status:

  • Printed - The label has been created.
  • Charged - The label has been used for a return.

How long is an Expedited Return label valid?

An Expedited Return label is valid for 90 days after it is printed.