Countries List

HTTP Request

GET /v1/countries?carrier={carrier}&originCountryCode={two-character-ISO-code}


This operation returns a list of supported destination countries to which the carrier offers international shipping services.

Request URLs


Query Parameters

Name Description
carrier Required. Carrier. Valid value: USPS
originCountryCode Required. The two-character ISO country code for the origin country. Valid value: US

Request Header

Authorization Required. OAuth token generated using the Generate an OAuth Token API.
X-PB-UnifiedErrorStructure Recommended. Set this to true to use the standard error object if an error occurs.

Response Elements

The operation returns an array of Country Objects. A Country Object contains the following fields:

Name Data Type Description
countryCode String The two-character ISO country code.
countryName String Country name.

Sample Request

curl -X GET .../v1/countries?originCountryCode=US&carrier=USPS \
-H "Authorization: Bearer <oauth_token>" \
-H "X-PB-UnifiedErrorStructure: true"

Sample Response

        "countryCode": "BF",
        "countryName": "Burkina Faso"
        "countryCode": "DK",
        "countryName": "Denmark"
        "countryCode": "NP",
        "countryName": "Nepal"

Error Codes

For a list of all PB Shipping APIs error codes, please see Error Codes.